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20 February, 2014

In this “Lucky Star” hentai gallery, you get pics featuring several characters from this cute anime show. Girls like Minami Iwasaki, Miyuki Takara, Kagami Hiiragi and Konata Izumi are getting down and dirty! Minami is playing with two cocks, blushing and enjoying herself, while Konata has gotten all nude and is showing off her pussy in the classroom. There’s also a Kagami analsex drawing, and two hentai pics of Miyuki getting her pussy fingered, and one of her giving a titjob.


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In this hentai comic, a student gets told by her teacher that her grades just aren’t good enough. She tries to flirt with him to make him reconsider everything, but she fails….and instead, she decides to whack him in the head and kidnap him! When he wakes up, he’s tied to a table, all naked….and that’s when the fun begins ;)

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29 January, 2012

Hello, everyone! I had a slight hiatus during the holidays and didn’t have time to start my blog up again until now. So sorry about that! But now I’m back, and you can enjoy more hentai goodies! ^_^

Here, you’ll get some really nice hentai pics of Afro Samurai. These hentai pics contains Otsuru and Sio, and you’ll be delighted with sexily drawn blowjobs, titjobs, and more, just check them out below:

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Hi guys! Today you’re getting a mixed bunch of Rosario to vampire hentai pics ^_^

There’s a pretty neat variation, so most of you will get something that’s right up your alley. Tsukune gets to watch a sexy wet pussy in the first pic, and in the second, Kurumo is giving a lucky stud a juicy titjob. More Rosario to vampire hentai pics follows: Mizore is getting probed by lots of slimy tentacles, filling her every hole in a hot tentacle hentai drawing. You also get some lesbian lovin’!

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