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Here’s two pics from a hentai CG set, where a sexy pink-haired anime girl is getting fucked by a bunch of guys and then bukkake’d (getting cum all over her body). She’s wearing a sexy white kimono and flowers on her hair, blushing and ready for some action….well, obviously she got more action than she was probably prepared for! ;)

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In this series of hentai pics, a pink haired anime girl goes on a date and ends up having sex. It’s a short but still enjoyable set, with a start and an end. Not to mention it’s pretty cute, so if you like your hentai pics with a cuteness added to them, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these ^_^

I really like the girl in these pics, she’s just so adorable and cute. I’ve always liked hentai babes with pink hair. I don’t know why, it’s something that’s pretty typical for that cute and sexy anime character, so I guess that’s got something to do with it. I’m not sure what this hentai set comes from, if it’s just a picture set or comes from a game or something. However, they were found on “Free Hentai Passport”, so if you want, you can go check it out for yourself if you want: