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In this hentai comic, a student gets told by her teacher that her grades just aren’t good enough. She tries to flirt with him to make him reconsider everything, but she fails….and instead, she decides to whack him in the head and kidnap him! When he wakes up, he’s tied to a table, all naked….and that’s when the fun begins ;)

The FULL COMIC is available on “Manga Erotica”, along with tons other hentai comics in english:

Well, it appears his constant kidnapping of the princess finally gave some results! In this hot parody hentai drawing, Peach is giving Bowser a titjob. And judging by the look on her face, it appears she even likes it, too! (Bowser is probably more hung than Mario is, heh heh! ;) )

This Peach X Bowser hentai drawing was made by Vanja, and she’s been drawing a lot more Peach art (even games & animations), so if you liked this pic, you better check out her website as well: