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In this tentacle hentai game, you play as a sexy blonde elf girl. The elfish land is supposed to be a pretty safe place, but there’s one place you should avoid: the Dark Forest. There’s a huge ugly tentacle monster lurking there, waiting for sexy elf girls to come by so he can have his way with them. Just click on the picture below to play this tentacle hentai game:

The game is from the game site “Meet and fuck games”, a place with a lot of sexy flash sex games in different genres, all from simple point & click ones to RPG’s and action games. I hope you enjoy this tentacle hentai game, and if you want more, you could always head over to the MNF site here:

Most hentai games are of the “click for the next scene” type, dating sims/visual novels or “game over sex” scenes. Not this one! “Willy Wizard” is a very cute hentai game with platformer elements. You simply play it as a regular old-style platformer, and at the end of each level you get to seduce three sexy witches.

The first witch is a sexy purple-haired babe with glasses and a green outfit. She’s my favorite of them all, and the sex-scenes that follows were my favorite ones. The second witch is a catgirl witch, and this sex session gets you some bondage hentai. The third witch is a raven-haired seductress who loves tentacles. Needless to say, this sex sequence is also pretty hot!

In the game you can find three hidden fairies (one on each stage). They were rather hard to find, because their hiding place isn’t really easy to tell. I found them after some searching however, and in case you want to try it out by searching a bit yourself, I am not going spoilt if for you by adding their locations in the post, but will add it as a comment below.

The game can be downloaded for free here:


The game creator is Vanja, a female hentai artist who’s created lots of hentai art for several years. She’s got more free hentai games here:


So, enjoy the game, and have fun! ^_^