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A cute elf girl with short purple hair is being captured in this CG set. Obviously, she’s lost some kind of battle and is now being sold off as a slave or being put into slavery by her capturers. She’s tied up and fucked doggystyle in one of the pics, while cum is dripping down from her while a second guy cums on her hair.

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Today you get some Durarara!! hentai pics to enjoy! The characters from this anime show is getting it on in these pics, fucking each other in all kinds of ways and styles. These hentai pics also includes the Dullahan (woman without a head). Kind of creepy, but if you’re familiar with the series I guess it can still tickle your pickle.


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In these hentai pics, a cute maid in a pink maid outfit is put to good use. Her Master makes her take facial cumshots, over and over again….and by the looks of it, it seems as if she’s gotten used to it (or maybe she just likes being that slutty?)


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