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Hi again guys! Now I have something pretty sexy and interesting for you:  some pages from a hentai comic featuring horny nuns and monks. Not that this is such a special setting in porn comics, I’ve seen the theme used rather often (with a hentai comic setting in mind, who doesn’t think there could happen all kinds of kinky stuff behind the church walls, right? And nuns are damn sexy after all!)

My favorite pages from her is the top three ones, where the nun is forced to take the priest’s cock and suck it deep. I’ve always had a thing for the nun’s outfits (though I prefer the black ones, while the one she’s wearing here is brown…oh well, still sexy). It must be something about their innocence, their purity…and seeing them break down to their sexual desires in a hentai comic is always a big turn-on for me.

I found this comic on Messy Comics, a site that hosts a lot of “messy” porn comics ^_^