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Here’s a pretty cute bondage hentai comic where a dragon-girl is getting tied up by her Master and fucked. She’s tied up with her hands behind her back, and starts kissing and licking his cock. He then fucks his cute little dragon-girl slave, and as a final act he fucks her ass and cum inside her.

This hentai comic is from a series called “Horrorlove Hotel”, which is available on Vanja’s website, where people’s self-characters and fursonas can meet people at this “hotel” and have sex with them. There’s several issues available to read, so if you want more, head over to Vanja’s website:


In this hentai comic, a student gets told by her teacher that her grades just aren’t good enough. She tries to flirt with him to make him reconsider everything, but she fails….and instead, she decides to whack him in the head and kidnap him! When he wakes up, he’s tied to a table, all naked….and that’s when the fun begins ;)

The FULL COMIC is available on “Manga Erotica”, along with tons other hentai comics in english:

10 February, 2014

Here’s a gallery where cute anime maids are having a sex orgy. One lucky dude is getting the attention from them all, and they play with each other and lets him have his way with all of them.


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Normally, tentacle hentai porn contains scary tentacled monsters (of the type that the girls would rather want to run away from and not have sex with). Well, not in this comic series! Here, the tentacled being is a cute blonde schoolgirl. And the girls in her class are very eager to be with her.. ;)

If you want to read the comic, visit Prism Girls:

5 February, 2014

In this gallery, several characters from the “Nana” anime show is getting it on! There’s several pics of Nana Komatsu riding cock, and Nana Osaki is getting her pussy pounded in several drawings as well.


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