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Hi again, guys! Today I give you some pages of a hentai comic, where a schoolgirl goes home to a friend to do the homework together. She’s not at home, but her friend’s brother is home. After waiting for her friend, she finds him naked in the bathroom, and can’t resist stroking his hard cock and taking it deep inside her mouth. Check out this hentai comic below:

If you want to read the rest, they have this one and a ton more porn and hentai comics over at “Messy Comics”:

29 January, 2012

Hello, everyone! I had a slight hiatus during the holidays and didn’t have time to start my blog up again until now. So sorry about that! But now I’m back, and you can enjoy more hentai goodies! ^_^

Here, you’ll get some really nice hentai pics of Afro Samurai. These hentai pics contains Otsuru and Sio, and you’ll be delighted with sexily drawn blowjobs, titjobs, and more, just check them out below:

I hope you enjoyed these Afro Samurai hentai pics. More hentai like this can be found at “Hentai ZA”, a place where they’ve got hentai pics of nearly every anime character out there!