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In this tentacle hentai game, you play as a sexy blonde elf girl. The elfish land is supposed to be a pretty safe place, but there’s one place you should avoid: the Dark Forest. There’s a huge ugly tentacle monster lurking there, waiting for sexy elf girls to come by so he can have his way with them. Just click on the picture below to play this tentacle hentai game:

The game is from the game site “Meet and fuck games”, a place with a lot of sexy flash sex games in different genres, all from simple point & click ones to RPG’s and action games. I hope you enjoy this tentacle hentai game, and if you want more, you could always head over to the MNF site here:

This Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann hentai doujinshi deals with Yoko getting in trouble with a tentacle monster robot! This doujinshi, or hentai comic if you want, is also translated to english, which is pretty rare. And what is even more rare, is that it’s in color. I have rarely seen doujinshi’s in full color. I do like black and white hentai comics too, but it’s always a bit nicer with colors if it’s done nicely. And it really is in this one.

I have always thought Yoko is one of the hottest anime characters from newer series. I’m not just talking about her great tits which are nicely exposed throughout the anime since she’s wearing that small bra all the time, but her looks and character overall. I haven’t yet seen much hentai comics from this show, but this made me want to look for more.

I enjoyed these pages, and I hope you did too! I got them from Manga Erotica. The full comic and a lot more is available there if you’re interested in more:

In this series of hentai pics, a pink haired anime girl goes on a date and ends up having sex. It’s a short but still enjoyable set, with a start and an end. Not to mention it’s pretty cute, so if you like your hentai pics with a cuteness added to them, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these ^_^

I really like the girl in these pics, she’s just so adorable and cute. I’ve always liked hentai babes with pink hair. I don’t know why, it’s something that’s pretty typical for that cute and sexy anime character, so I guess that’s got something to do with it. I’m not sure what this hentai set comes from, if it’s just a picture set or comes from a game or something. However, they were found on “Free Hentai Passport”, so if you want, you can go check it out for yourself if you want:

In this short hentai comic, from a series called “Horrorlove Hotel”, two sexy girls are getting it on. A catgirl dressed in a sexy black outfit, and wearing a black strap-on, is having sex with a pink haired cutie who first starts off the action by licking the catgirl’s wet pussy until she cums.

As mentioned, this hentai comic belongs in a series called “Horrorlove Hotel”, where each episode contains characters getting it on with each other at this so-called hotel. Most of them are monsters or monstergirls of some kinds, but there’s also a few regular ones (like the catgirl here for example). If you want to read more of these kind of comics (there’s a lot of numbers available), you can find them on Vanja’s hentai site dedicated to Horrorlove Hotel:

Horrorlove Hotel hentai comics

And of course, visit Vanja’s free site with more of her hentai art:


Here’s a few Bleach hentai pics for you all to enjoy! Bleach is a rather popular anime, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the internet is filled with hentai drawings based off of these characters. When getting into an anime series and the characters, there’s always that little wish deep inside saying “hell, wouldn’t it be cool if they started fucking during the series!”

Of course, knowing that this’ll never happen, it’s good to have the talented hands of the hentai artists around. They make sure we can view porn featuring our favorite anime characters, and see them paired up with each other in sexual ways.

These Bleach hentai pics were found on “Hentai ZA”, a site that’s got several kinds of hentai parodies of different anime and manga characters. Check them out for more: